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Khatereh Zabihi

Personal & Professional Counselor & Trainer 

Hi, my name is Khatereh

I am an entrepreneur, a counselor and a trainer on a mission to help individuals on the journey of life and to live the life they truly deserve.

No matter who we are and where we come from, life has its ups and downs. Through being aware of our deepest feelings, we are able to respond to our real needs and awaken our inner power to face all that life offers. With self-awareness, we will learn to comprehend our internal dialogue.

My role as a counselor is to assist you in:

  • See your present state of body, emotion, thought, and function.

  • understand the nature of your weaknesses

  • Find the solution to overcome obstacles

  • Discover and guide your unrecognized inner strength

  • Work on your deepest emotional wounds and help you to heal them.

After receiving my master’s degree in counseling psychology,   I founded Rahnemood Academy in Iran in 2005 and opened the second location in Toronto in 2016. My goal has always been to offer personal development counseling and training that is both affordable and accessible to everyone.

We offer various self-development and personal growth training, workshops and seminars to the public. Rahnemood Academy provides the education that regular schools forget. We provide education that helps you unleash your true potential and live your life to its full potential.

Exercise Your Mind

Connect with Your Inner World

Transform Your Outer World

Find a Clear insights into your strengths

Be the best version of yourself

Discover the Areas of imbalance and balance them


your inner hero and

live the life you deserve.