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You are generally on time for your appointments
You feel involved when watching Movies or videos
You like to participate in an active and fast-paced job
You enjoy having many friends of all sorts
You are usually the first to react to a sudden event: unexpected question, door bell
You feel that people are generally compassionate
You think that everything is relative (from the eye of the beholder)
Strict observance of rules already established is likely to prevent attaining a sucessful outcome
It isn't easy to get you excited
Decision process: you rely more on your feelings than on a logical thought (eg. picking a babysiter...)
You often think about us humans and our destiny
You believe a decision is best when it can easily be modified
You are intrigued by the root cause of phenomena and things
You prefer immediate action instead of speculating about various options
You trust reason rather than feelings
You trust reason rather than feelings

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